hypnobirth course with Helen

 for couples and their birthing companions.

  • Weekly courses are a total of 12.5 hours of tuition, held over four or five weekly sessions 
  • "Keep Calm & HypnoBirth @ RNS Hospital"  courses are 6 weekly sessions*  please scroll down for details of how to enrol.
  • Weekend courses are held over two weekends to allow for the integration of information
  • Group classes and Private Consultations are available, both day and evening.   
  • The Course is for you, your husband/partner and whoever is attending your birth eg. doula, mother, sister.
  • Group Courses are held in Sydney, NSW ~ on the Lower North Shore. 
  • Private Classes can be held in your own home.
  • Skype classes available also
  • Please enquire as early as possible in your pregnancy and book early to ensure your place.

When enquiring please include your estimated date of delivery.  Appropriate course dates together with your investment in the course will be forwarded to you.                                               

  • You will receive:  
  • The HypnoBirthing book 
  • All course notes and materials in a personalised folder
  • 1 @ relaxation CD
  • Mp3 downloads
  • Healthy snacks and drinks

Enrol here 

HypnoBirthing with Helen is now at RNS Hospital, 2c Herbert Street, St. Leonards

Monday evenings 7pm-9.30pm (2.5hrs) held over 6 weekly sessions

Please call 'Childbirth & Early Parenting Education' on 9462 9588 to enquire as group classes are on-going

Any queries please don't hesitate to call me on 0414 949 546

Looking forward to meeting you, your partner and your unborn child :)

Peace & Wellbeing,

Helen x


Pregnant women who are not sleeping well or are experiencing discomfort may book a treatment to enhance their energy levels during pregnancy. 

Messages are also received from your unborn baby to bring awareness to certains things that can be resolved before the birth. . 
When the birthing energy begins to flow throughout the mother's body, that which has not been dealt with prior can come up during the birth and obstruct the birthing process.

It is better to attend to all matters during pregnancy so that when the birth begins the mother is free to embrace her power, revelling in the joy.   

If your baby is presenting as breech we can check-in with baby to see why.  

One of the most common questions concerning Reiki is "What exactly is Reiki?"

Reiki is foremost a healing with the hands and the word Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy - energy from the Universe.  Reiki originated in Tibet and was introduced into the West via Japan just after World War II.

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by energy that we cannot see - radio waves, microwaves, ultra-violet waves just to name a few.  Reiki Energy cannot be seen by the human eye but it can be felt.   As a Reiki Master I have been attuned to the life force energy of Reiki and am able to transmit it to you for the purposes of healing and also to attune you to it so that you can heal yourself and others.  Receiving a Reiki treatment (often described as warm and comforting) is a totally positive experience.  One hour of reiki is worth 4 hours of good sleep!   The receiver lies on a massage table, fully clothed, as I place my hands on or just above the body.  Those who are ill, in pain or emotional distress will be helped by a treatment, while those who are healthy will be relaxed and rejunvenated.   Treatments  may also be received sitting in a chair and the Reiki transmitted into your hands or shoulders. 

If you would like to learn to heal yourself and others by becoming attuned  attuned to Level I or Level II Reiki pleasesend me an inquiry. 


Your Placenta .........

Your baby's placenta can be a powerful aid in the wellness process post-partum recovery phase. 

I can transform your placenta into capsule form in a high vibrational setting of pure intention, cleanliness and reverence. 

 Please enquire with me if you are interested in how your baby's 'Tree of Life',  rich with nutrients and energy can be of benefit.


Thank you so much for the placenta tablets. 

Everything was packaged so beautifully.  I am loving the tablets. I have been feeling amazing and really happy.  They are certainly keeping me going with all the night feeds.   My husband looks more exhausted than I do!

I have also had a quick recovery for a c-section I was home a week and found that I was practically back to doing most of my daily tasks.

I will certainly be getting them for when I have my next child.

Natasha F.   December 2014


"I started to feel incredibly fluey, very strong aches and pains, highly sensitive skin, fever, nausea, thundering head, no energy, no strength, very emotional... after doing an energy healing on myself for ages I remembered my placenta capsules!   I took one, went to sleep and woke 40 minutes later back to my normal self!  Magic!!!  I took another one this morning and i'm still feeling great!  Thank You!!!"

Stacey K, Northern Beaches NSW

   ✴   ✴   ✴   ✴   ✴  ✴   ✴

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! for the capsules and everything else...it's all packaged so beautifully too.   It is so special to us both to have this done for us and for the awesome skills we learnt from your classes.  You are the best!

Emily & Dan, Mosman

✴ ✴ ✴ 

Thank You Helen, it is very special to have the cord!  and all presented so beautifully!   It made me all teary!!

I appreciated the quick turn around and I will be glad of my pills in the morning.

Denise H,  Kuringai, NSW                       mother of three.  January 2015

*  *  *  *


Read the many beautiful birth stories of Helen's students here, just click on the link.


"Karen & I would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving Karen the power to bring Ellie into the world with no drugs.. you are amazing .. we couldn't have done it without you.  HypnoBirthing Rocks!"
Ellie's parents,  Rob & Karen

 Skype Testimonial:

It was great to do the hypnobirth sessions with Helen via Skype. Being able to do the course from the comfort of our own home meant that we could find a time to suit our schedule and made us feel very relaxed and well ....at home. Helen has a natural tone which translates very well over skype.   We had our own private sessions without having to leave home and were able to ask questions as they came up easily as it was personal to us.   We highly recommend Helen's skype hypnobirth classes for any busy soon -to-be-parents!

Sophie & Nick, NSW    October 2014