Royal HypnoBirth

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William were rumoured to be taking a hypnobirthing course as recommended by their friends for the birth of their baby son, Prince George.   As the whole world celebrated the birth of HRH Prince George, it was reported that his birthing time was 6 hours.

Lotus/HypnoBirth for Alexander

There was no shouting..... just calm breathing.  Midwives again made remarks about how calm I was and how controlled I looked!  they were amazed!!!   Baby Alexander was born at 2.56pm. 3.32kg & 49cm long. I want to thank you for the precious lessons we had and the positive energy and reassurance you have passed onto us. I delivered Alexander on the 29th of March at 41 weeks and 1 day.  No drugs, no medical intervention! it was an amazing feeling to hold his tiny body... I was discharged from the hospital on the same night.  I also did the Lotus birth and took his placenta home.  Amazingly his umbilical cord came off by the 4th day and the belly button healed beautifully, much faster than if you were to cut the cord.  Alexander is now 7 weeks old.  I breastfeed him every 4 hours and few days ago he started sleeping through the night from 10-11pm till 5-7am in the morning. Very good boy indeed:)  I have attached few pictures to share! Thank you once again Helen, the class empowered me and gave me strength to know I can deliver my baby sacredly!

Rosa W, North Shore, 2013.

Leah's 2nd HypnoBirth.

(her first baby, Grae was born safely in the back of their car in the hospital car park!)

At the hospital, a midwife met us at the ambulance bay. Just before we went up in the lift, I felt to see if I could feel the baby's head.  With my first baby, Grae, he had crowned for about 30 mins.  I had one or two surges on the way to the birthing room.  Once in there, I crawled over to the bed and took off my dress.  I kept thinking 'stay off your back' as I had birthed Grae flat on my back in a car and I was hoping to slowly breathe the baby down this time.   I had a big surge and the baby crowned.   Shane then ran into the room. He'd had to stay behind and get one of our neighbours to wait at our house for my Mum who was taking care of Grae.  The next surge, the baby's head came out.  Then everyone went completely silent.   The next surge, bub came out!  I sat down and picked her up.   She was gorgeous. "Look at those chunky thighs" the midwife cried!  Maddi was 3.54kg. The time was 7:52am.   The whole labour was less than 1 and a half hours! And Big Brother Grae is completely smitten :-)  

 (photo ~ Maddi and her Dad).